Integrable with any business ERP

OneOrder is integrable with any company software to aquire orders, in a centralized way. By integrating different tecnologies we develop very complete App and Programmes, to provide you with the best solution and satisfay YOURS specific needs.

OneOrder dialogues with everyone

There are components for integration already available or you can set your Tailored-made integration, feeding OneOrder with structured  data flows or with direct access to the company database.
Imagined to make you immediately operational, in OneOrder you find all functions to import and export data.
Communication with any ERP is made easy.


OneOrder automates data entry

The solution for Reps of Sales Force Automation for Orders collection from Mobile, that can be integrated to the
Management system of the Company


Simplified Integration

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, we are able, in every IT project, to interact with management systems and data infrastructures, also developed by other Software Houses.
We manage, integrate and coordinate large amounts of data with the aim of always providing you with efficient and easy to use Apps and Programs. We have always believed that integration with other systems is the key to a real reduction of costs and time in data management.


Import and export of data

OneOrder gives you the opportunity to import and export your data:
Customer registries, List of leads, Items list, price lists and Agents list, in Excel, CSV and XML.


API for data exchange

OneOrder was developed from our platform Nios4 therefore the project has integrated the complete Set of REST API of Nios4, that enables the exchange of data with any external system, supporting this mode.
The use of Web API enable everyone, to be able to use the application in a very short tim, without ad-hoc settings with the ERP.
Tech details:

Integrated with most ERP and
CRM on the market

OneOrder  is already integrated with:
- Zucchetti
- Teamsystem
- Navision
- Passepartout

Customize the App and Program on your own

One Order is the only program for Orders collection that you can completely customize by yourself, without programming skills. The Tool for everyone: the solution to digitize your Order Form, fill-in and collect orders ont he move even offline, specific for Agents, Reps, Sales network but also for you end Customers.

1- Modify

You need to modify the standard program? Thanks to the Desktop version or Web version you can customize it

2- Synchronize in Cloud

After executing changes on Windows, Mac OS or Web with the Cloud, Synchronize to find all changes on all devices.

3- Work anywhere

You are ready to work anywhere you are, using yur App on the move,
 even offline.